Are you thinking about starting a new project?

Do you need a website but you don’t know where to start? Maybe it even crossed your mind to just give up? Well, don’t!

 Sure, if you don’t know anything about websites, it may seems complicated, but if you find the right professional, your website will be online in no time.

While creating a website these are a few of the things that needs to be taken in consideration:

  • Layout
  • Content
  • Structure
  • SEO
  • Functionality
  • Legal aspect and so on

Before doing that you need to figure out who your target audience will be.

You might want to answer these few questions:

  • What need/problem does my product cater to?
  • What type of customer?
  • What makes your company different from others in the same business?
  • What’s your brand communication style?


First thing when creating a website is picking a domain. This is a very important step. Choose a simple name, easy to be remembered. If you’re trying to promote your company then you might want to use its own name.

Once you choose the domain, you have to pick your hosting.  Usually who takes care of website management helps with that. The hosting is the space on a server where you upload al the images, files and videos. The ideal hosting is the Linux server, whether you have a blog or an e-commerce.


One important aspect in creating a website is the theme. It’s like the shop window of your website. Everything will look well organized if you pick the right theme. The right choice will definitely help your future work.


You can’t just create a website and think the job is done. You also have to constantly do maintenance. A website has a lot of components that you don’t see, but they are just as important.

A very important aspect is the plug-ins. Not all of them are compatible with each theme. This will be your web master job, website management. Every plug-in has to be updated constantly in order for the website to function correctly. For example the WPML plug-in is essential if you have a multi language website; it will help translate the pages.

In this article we talked about general but essential aspect to create a website.