Being present on the web does not mean being present only for fun. Most people that create a Facebook or Instagram profile they do it because, in addition to customers that they can physically reach in the place where their business resides, they want to expand, but without loss of time. Wanting to expand is legitimate, but is it worth it to do it randomly and targeting everyone?

Remember when we talked about Facebook and Instragram profiles earlier, their creation and how to choose your target audience? The same goes for the creation of Facebook campaigns. It not enough to create one ADS campaign and throw it on the web randomly without first studying in details to whom the campaign refers. Not all people in the world, or even in Italy can be interested in your services; this shouldn’t discourage you, simply it should push you to do the right audience selection.



For the creation of a Facebook campaign you need to have a FB page and to be the administrator of the page itself.  From this page you have the possibility to manage and implement paid FB campaigns. 

Campaigns are capable of reaching a wide audience. Once you’re on the page you manage, go to create an ADSV FB campaign, once you click that, it will ask you to choose the target of the campaign. Here you can choose according your goal according to your needs.

The goals can be different; nothing prevents you from creating and managing multiple campaigns at the same time.

You can choose from different options the one that’s more representative of the goal you’re trying to achieve.  Once you get to this point it will ask you to enter your account information, which should already be set up, and to choose your target audience.

This point is a bit more complicated, especially if you still haven’t identified your target audience. During the creation of FB campaigns, you will realize that FB itself helps you choose the best targets. Facebook makes it available for you to choose between the following:

  • Location (geographic area, city, region, state and distance)
  • Age (the range you want to reach)
  • Gender 
  • Languages 
  • Work
  • Other 

In the interests tab of the Facebook Ads dashboard you can instead choose people who have liked certain pages related to a list of interest that FB offers:

  • Food and beverages
  • Commerce and industry
  • Family and relationship
  • Hobbies and activities
  • Other 

These activities may be related to yours; people who like these activities are very likely to like yours as well. The behavior tab works the same way. 

For example:

  • Digital activities
  • Seasonal activities and events
  • Mobile device users
  • Travels 

Once all this is set up we can move on to the next phase. In this stage you have to choose the images (max 6) or the image that must contain your ad. The chosen image must be impactful, it must catch the attention when the ad is seen by the target users previously selected.

In addition to the image it is necessary to insert the text, which must be catchy and grant a call to action; you only have 90 characters, so they must be incisive. At this point your FB campaign is ready and it will appear, for your potential customer, in the form of a banner. 




Facebook campaign management is very simple and intuitive. You will need to go to the ads management of your page and from there you can, in total autonomy, change the budget, the duration or the advertisement itself.

Facebook gives the possibility, with a few Euro a day to create your perfect ad and reach that audience that still doesn’t know you and might be in need of your services.