During the lockdown we all found we had things to say and services to offer to those who would need them. Online counseling is a field that’s been growing in Italy, especially in the last few years.

Consultation is a word that groups several categories in itself. You have the opportunity to consult in different fields and different types. There are one to one online consultations, where those in need make an appointment and are followed individually. There are also group consultations, made in a virtual room.

In this case we will talk about online counseling, which is different from the offline one that has always existed; an example of offline one is when you go to the accountant and have a long chat about certain tax topics that relate to your business; that’s a consultation.

Having said that, it is clear that the consultation is none other than one chat with a person who masters a certain topic. When you need to seek advice from someone, it is because we consider that person an expert in one category, just the one that might be of interest to us.

As opposed to offline consulting, where a place is needed to share with other people, the online one is done from the comfort of your own home. Imagine you have a website or a blog and need the advice of a SEO expert, in this case what will you have to do?




It really is all very simple. Even before asking for advice, you have to study the person well, the services offered and also the cost. Consultations may vary

not only in duration but also settings. There are consultations that are carried out through webinar, where the consultant speaks and the buying party listens and takes notes. One flaw of this type of consultation is not being able to interact directly with the expert, the only possibility is to send messages in written form.

Another type, perhaps the most used one is definitely Skype, in this way people can see and hear each other, share the screen or images if needed.


If, on the other hand, you are the one who wants to offer online consultations, what should you do? If you have a site that offers services, you definitely will

need to have within your site a calendar for appointment taking. Users, when they land on your web space, must have everything very clear. From a first look, they must immediately understand that if they need your consultation they can conveniently make an appointment.

In addition to the calendar, with date and time, for making an appointment, you will also need to have a plugin on your site that can manage payments for your services in total autonomy and security.

Payment is made based on the duration of the call, of the consultation and service offered. You could offer your clients not only individual consultations but also packages. In this case the customer buys a package of consultations to be used over time.

Now that you know how to ask and how to offer consultation online, you are probably wondering how to reach users and how to make yourself known to the public. Have you ever heard of online marketing


Sooner or later, the time comes for companies and entrepreneurs to want to rely on online marketing. Offline marketing is no more as efficient as in the past, so you have to find others methods for reaching customers.

Online marketing, also called digital or web marketing, is a set of defined marketing tools, techniques and unconventional methods, used to promote the brand and products of a company on the Internet. Ever since the web has become the main distraction for users, companies are aiming more and more to bring their products and services online. All this though it’s not as easy as you think, it’s not enough to create a social media profile and post photos of your products or services. First of all you need to study the market and the target audience, and competitors, and a right strategy for your online advertising.

On the site you have to focus on the keywords associated with your business, which will be the ones that the user, in line with your product or service, will search the web for. If you are not yet well prepared on this topic we suggest an online marketing course.  Online courses can be managed conveniently and independently from the place and with the time you have available. An online course will allow you to better organize your day, listen to the lessons in your spare time and subsequently put in place various strategies.

Preparation is critical to the credibility of your services.